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November 5, 2018


In case you missed it, we've recently released a some new tapes. In collaboration with the amazing music label Cheapbeats we've finally put out the official FM: Possible 2 cassette, a huge collaboration album with the talents of Cosmo Buggi, Jredd, Dya, Laz, Game Genie Sokolov, TH4 D34D, Groovemaster303, and special guest Drexegar aka GXSCChater! We've also put out our first vaporwave cassette, a long awaited tape release of Ohm-N-I's レイジーショッピング日数 (Lazy Shopping Days), based on the daunting experience of working in retail. Most recently we released You Will See Such Pretty Things on cassette,

a refreshing mix of trapwave and electronic soundscapes by vaporwave sensation PZA. We have more vaporwave and chiptune releases in store for the remainder of the year which we can't wait to reveal! Until then, that's all for now. -Laz

Latest Lineup

You Will See Such Pretty Things by PZA

[Vaporwave-October 27, 2018]

A chilling mix of trap and experimental electronic vapor soundscapes by Pizzawave pioneer PZA.

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レイジーショッピング日数 by Ohm-N-I [Vaporwave-October 13, 2018]

Working in retail can be really daunting.

This is based on that.

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FM: Possible 2 by various [Chiptune-Oct 13, 2018]

Epic collaboration of various artists, featuring a variety of FM chips from the Sega Genesis/Megadrive (YM2612), Sega Arcade (YM2151) and more. Gear up and get ready for a wild chiptune ride! Now coming to cassette!

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Featured - FM: Possible 2

In case you missed it, we finally put out this amazing chiptune collaboration album on cassette, which has been available on Cheapbeats since March this year on digital and CD formats. Rather than tell you about it though, we will direct you to the retrotastic cassette release trailer below, prepared by myself (Laz), Drexegar, and Jredd of the FM: Possible Crew, to inform you what this release is all about! If you decide that you want to listen to more, we actually put up a full cassette rip, and if you wish to obtain this cool cassette, just head on over here! These are limited edition, so get it today!



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