Lazer Burn Audio is an independent music label and studio headquartered in Tampa, Florida. It is spearheaded by Laz and Ati Gonzalez, best buds that are both avid music and audio enthusiasts who most of all love listening to and producing top quality audio cassettes, from recording to printed labels.

Why cassettes you may ask? Cassettes generally get bad rep for allegedly being unreliable and terrible sounding, however we're here to set the record (er, tape) straight. Our aim with Lazer Burn Audio is first and foremost to help out and provide an outlet for amazing new artists and music producers by promoting their work in a creative, unique way to a wide audience. One way we do this is through the compact cassette format, introduced to the world over 50 years ago and still going strong thanks to a recent resurgence in interest towards audio formats of the past in this day and age of digital distribution; people long for something tangible, something they can hold, look at, and appreciate. Moreover, while we do pay close attention to detail with reagrds to how a cassette release looks, we place surgical attention on the recording aspect, how they sound when you play them.

A big reason cassettes are attributed with having bad sound quality lies in a sub-par recording procedure, as well as playback in decks unsuitable for accurate, detailed reproduction of the tape recording. Our mission is to produce tape releases that not only appeal to the eyes, but also, and more importantly, to the ears. We don't want to make simple novelties, we want to make a product that people will be eager to listen to, because they will already know what to expect from us, only the best.

"I believe that cassettes are here to stay and will continue their trend of growing popularity, they are simply a very accessible physical format and have a rich history of DIY as ever since the early days most tape machines could both play and record. Tape empowered people to make their own recordings in a revolutionary way unlike any format before it, especially in the cassette age when technological advancements made high fidelity audio possible and brought it right to the fingertips of consumers in a compact form factor. We at LBA employ the same tech that made for some of the best quality tape recordings ever produced back in the day,

such as recording with noise reduction and headroom extension to minimize hiss. Some other factors come into play as well, like starting with precisely calibrated, well maintained professional tape decks, then sourcing dependable high grade tape formulations, and also using a lossless digital source recorded to and monitored from the tape in real-time to ensure an accurate transfer while maintaining the characteristic warm, analog sound that tape is known for. I've been told once that "tape" and "hi-fi" don't go together. It's time to debunk that myth once and for all."


"Cassettes have an incredible longevity that has extended into the digital era and will extend beyond. The spirit of the indie musician is at home with the analog format. We know the painstaking dedication you take in making your music sound good. So we here at LBA make your music sound exactly as it should with our sick attention to detail and absolute love of the analog sound of audio cassettes.

Give your fans something to jam to with Lazer Burn Audio." -Ati

In addition to our focus on compact cassette as a main release format, we also provide superb CD production and digital Bandcamp uploads as well, plus

we're always willing to experiment with other formats to expand our capabilities and create special releases for example, should there be a demand for it.