Laz the Synth Sensei


Synthwave Sensation

Visionary musician and producer that specializes in synthesized music styles, evoking the best of retro and modern soundscapes, yet masterful in laying down a bit of live performance and acoustic instrumentation together with sequenced execution. Laz has over a decade of experience not just composing, but also on the production side of things, meticulously mixing and mastering projects with a distinctive, dynamic style influenced by productions and techniques of the 80s and 90s.

"Like many others, I've been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by good music my whole life, thanks in no small part to my parents.

Being Cuban-American and culturally enriching myself on both sides as well as becoming fluent English-Spanish bilingual, I've been able to enjoy a whole world of music in Spanish and by Hispanic creators in addition to the great hits in English. Being so, I love incorporating a blend of ideas and techniques I've picked up across everything into my own music productions, while also experimenting and morphing things into what I find interesting in order to provide a unique sonic and rhythmic flavor.

Growing up, I've also had a fondness for retro technology, visuals, and sounds, as well as science and sci-fi. As a kid in the late 90s and early 2000s, I'd always be around and tinkering with old cassette recorders, game systems, and computers. This nostalgia has also heavily influenced me and my style, and to date I love to work with tape, vintage synths, and obsolete audio software, and continue to be inspired by the realms of video games, astronomy, and various other science and sci-fi media.

As a 'Synth Sensei', it's important for me to not only be well versed and experienced in what I do, but also pass down that knowledge so that  more people can learn and be enthralled by the neat possibilities and workings of music and arts. I hope to provide at least a bit of inspiration in sharing my works, ideas, and expertise so that the curiosity for these arts and techniques, of both past and present, can continue having a lasting legacy into the future." -Laz

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Mastered by Game Genie Sokolov

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