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You Will See Such Pretty Things by PZA

[Vaporwave-Oct 27, 2018] LBA-005

Format: Digital, Cassette, CD

A refreshing mix of trapwave and experimental electronic vapor soundscapes by the pioneer of Pizzawave, PZA.

レイジーショッピング日数 by Ohm-N-I 

[Vaporwave-Oct 13, 2018] LBA-004

Format: Digital, Cassette

Working in retail can be really daunting. This is based on that.


[Synthwave-TBA 2018] LBA-002

Format: Digital  (future: Cassette)

It's 2143 and humanity is at the brink of extinction on a depleted, chaotic Earth. The only chance at survival is to head for the cosmos and cultivate the external reaches of the Solar System.

FM: Possible 2 by various 

[Chiptune-October 13, 2018] LBA-003

Format: Digital, Cassette, CD

A top secret cassette release of the FM soundchip synth extravaganza that is FM: Possible 2! Get a look at these confidential files, for daring agent eyes only.

YM2017 by various 

[Chiptune-June 20, 2018] LBA-001

Format: Digital, Cassette, Vinyl

It's here! A re-release of the epic SEGA Genesis music cart album on digital, cassette, and vinyl.

Pain Management EP by Stop n' Shop

[Folk, Rock-June 1, 2018] LBA-PMEP

Format: Digital, Cassette, CD

Debut release of the Tampa band

Stop n' Shop, inspired by life hardships and making it through them. LBA brings you a special limited edition cassette  which made it to a big performance at Beer & Brownies in Tampa!

Baby Eater by Laz 

[Chiptune-Jan 1, 2017] LGM-BEOST

Format: Digital, Cassette, CD

Experience the magnificent music from the classic video game! Meticulously composed with luscious FM and PSG instrumentation.