FM: Possible 2

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FM: Possible 2 by various 

[Chiptune-July 2018] LBA-003

Format: Digital, Cassette, CD

[From the Cheapbeats release page]

"The Story So Far:

In the year 2011 Jredd, Groovemaster303, and Cosmo Buggi released a landmark compilation of original Sega Genesis/Megadrive music that tested the limits of what the YM2612 chip could do and remains a landmark album in the chiptune scene.

It's been six long years since that initial release. But now FM: Possible is finally back, better than ever and ready for release on the Cheapbeats label! FM: Possible 2 features the talents of Cosmo Buggi, Jredd, Groovemaster303, Dya, Game Genie Sokolov, Th4 D34d, Laz, and special guest Drexegar using a variety of FM chips from the Sega Genesis/Megadrive (YM2612), Sega Arcade (YM2151) and more. Gear up and get ready for a wild chiptune ride!"

And now it gets even better! In collaboration with Cheapbeats and the FM: Possible Crew,

Lazer Burn Audio brings you these top secret tunes to the confidential cassette format!

[ok I'll stop with the secretive stuff and annoying alliteration...perhaps]

This album is a slew of (mainly) FM synthesizer goodness, sounds from recognizable hardware like the Sega Genesis, Korg Volca FM, and Yamaha PSS-380, to software such as FMDrive, VOPM, and Sytrus, coupled with sampled and synthesized percussion from modern, vintage, and everything in between.

Pair such instruments with skilled composers, most of whom also contributed to the prior YM2017

Sega Genesis album, and you've got chip music like have never infiltrated your ears before!

As well as keeping a consistent, accurate sound, the cassette also carries over the spy themed artwork from the CD, skillfully crafted by Cosmo Buggi, Laz, and Drexegar, and faithfully translated to cassette by Laz, with reworked track listing art from Drexegar.

A monumental effort for an equally monumental album!

The cassette is available now! Very limited edition, so don't miss out! (Includes digital album as well)

Check out the retro aesthetic video trailer put together just for the cassette, linked below!

Also head over to the album page over on Cheapbeats to get the digital and limited edition CD versions.

"As always, should you or any of your force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck!"

P.S. - If you're feeling adventurous and need something more to listen to, you can check out the original

FM-Possible from 2011 here or download it from here. Just be warned that it's a massive album,

spanning 37 tracks with a runtime of over an hour and a half of nothing but Sega Genesis greatness!



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