Laz - Baby Eater

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Baby Eater by Laz 

[Chiptune-Jan. 1, 2017] LGM-BEOST

Format: Digital, Cassette, CD

Experience the magnificent music from the classic video game! Meticulously composed and recorded using high end audio software and hardware for capturing the most pristine sound quality, delivered right to you. Each track has been custom made for the sound unit on the Unicorn Entertainment System, with not one, but two on-board synthesizer chips; a specially modified revision of the arcade-class YM2413, and the tried and true SN76489, working in perfect unison to output a symphony of lush and complex tones.

Originally released before the formation of Lazer Burn Audio, Laz now brings over his debut album along with his high quality cassette and CD making skills which he used to craft the physical releases.

A special thanks goes to Kevin Conner for creating the game and giving me the honor to make its soundtrack. Please check out the game and the developer's page, and consider supporting!

Shoutout to Andrew DeCrescenzo for his magnificent vector artwork for the album back cover, game manual, and promotional media. Check out his art!

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