[Synthwave-TBA 2018] LBA-002

Format: Digital  (future: Cassette)

In 2143, Earth is in a state of chaos. Natural resources are at critically low levels, and political tension is rife. On the brink of cataclysmic warfare and total human extinction, the United League of Nations (ULN) formulate a desperate, last-ditch effort to preserve humanity. The plan, simply entitled "Operation Cosmos", consists of a solitary goal; "Cultivate the external reaches of the Solar System, for human inhabitance".

Cosmos marks the debut of METASPHERE on Lazer Burn Audio, and what a better way to start this party than with some of the most mezmerizing synth music to be recently produced, including everything from ethereal pads to punchy, rhythmic bass sequences and soaring leads; this album will send your mind infinietly traversing the cosmos in search of new worlds and a final hope for humanity.

A big thanks goes out to METASPHERE for working with LBA on this magnificent project!

It is expected to release digitally later this year, with a cassette release planned in the future

so keep a lookout! For now, check out these epic works in progress of songs from this album,

and also be sure to check out his previous work here!

Cosmos preview



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