Stop n' Shop - Pain Management EP

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Pain Management EP  by Stop n' Shop

[Folk, Rock-June 1, 2018] LBA-PMEP

Format: Digital, Cassette, CD

Pain Management EP marks the recording debut of Stop n' Shop from Tampa FL. Fusing a variety of musical styles from acoustic to electronic, slow and leisurely to pumping and energetic, Stop n' Shop emotively conveys the roller coaster ride of life and the hard times it brings, whether it be losing a loved one, getting into trouble, or enduring sleepless nights. Featuring Dylan Paek on vocals and guitars,  Carlos Reyes on keyboards / synthesizers and melodica plus production, and Roger Arroyo on drums.

LBA brings you a special limited edition cassette version of this EP, which made it to the merch table at a big performance featuring Stop n' Shop and other artists at the local Beer & Brownies music lounge and café. These aqua blue cassettes with high quality tape were each recorded in realtime on a high end cassette deck with Dolby B noise reduction for pristine sound quality. You can listen for yourself through our official cassette rip here. As always, the digital version of the EP is included with a cassette purchase, just head on over to our Bandcamp page to check it out. Below you can have a look at some images of the cassettes as they were being recorded and finalized, then brought to the merch table. For more pictures of the Beer & Brownies performance just follow this link! And of course, a big thanks and congratulations to Stop n' Shop for their release! Be sure to check out what they're up to on their

Facebook and Bandcamp pages, and be on the lookout for their next release!



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