YM2017 by various 

[Chiptune-June 20, 2018] LBA-001

A brand-new SEGA Genesis music album composed by various artists, first released as a cartridge, is now getting digital and physical releases! The original release features 9 amazing tracks from 9 amazing musicians: Luke McQueen, nooly, Jredd, Cosmo Buggi, Savaged Regime, Tobikomi, Uctumi, Dya, and Laz.

This new re-release is available in digital, cassette, and vinyl formats.

Around March 2017, Catskull Electronics opened submissions for YM2017 with the following description:

"Hot dog fresh off the grill in one hand, a cold bottle of coke in the other. The sun is setting over suburbia and the neighbors are setting up lawn chairs on the curb. It’s been a day full of festivities from bounce castles, slip n’ slides, and way too much cotton candy. Not that you’d know, you’ve been upstairs in your bedroom playing your Sega Genesis all day. After a hot day, it’s cooling off just in time for the main event: the fireworks. Lay a blanket out on your lawn and get comfortable because it’s YM2017!"

From the submissions, only the top 9 were chosen due to limited cartridge space, but fear not as through this special re-release you will be able to enjoy these sweet never-before-heard chiptunes!

Catskull has teamed up with The Yetee to produce the vinyl which will include the cartridge songs

(minus Tobikomi's track, he wished not to include it -EDIT: changed his mind for the digital and cassette!)

along with Lazer Burn Audio to produce the limited cassette edition featuring the complete YM2017 collection, all 22 tracks, which is also available digitally. The digital and vinyl editions can be found on

Catskull Records and the cassette (including the digital version) here on Lazer Burn Audio.

Also real quick, be sure to follow Catskull Electronics on Facebook!

The original cartridge release,

specially colored contributor's edition.

The cassette has sold out, however there may be another run at the begining of next year 2019 if there's enough demand.

Message us and let us know if you want one!

Format: Digital, Cassette, Vinyl

As you can see, it has 2 cover art variants based on SEGA Genesis cartridge label styles, and the cassette reflects the look of the YM2017 cartridge with its see through shell and label! And last but not least, we can't let the magnificent audio quality go unmentioned, but rather than tell you about it, we put together a preview of how the cassette recording sounds, just have a listen for yourself!

YM2017 cassette preview

As a last note, all audio for this re-release was recorded losslessly from an unmodified, early revision, non-TMSS SEGA Genesis model 1 directly from the analog stereo output for pristine, authentic sound quality right from the actual hardware.

Once again a huge thanks goes out to Catskull for organizing YM2017 and having us collab on this exciting re-release of it.

We hope the album can reach out to a wider audience this way! Don't forget to check out Catskull's cool stuff, he makes

flash carts and chiptune gear, publishes video games, and as you know he even has a record label too!

Bandcamp links:

Go to Catskull Records for digital and vinyl + digital!

Go to Lazer Burn Audio for the cassette + digital!



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